Groubans journey

Ohlala Grouban has won over the Butcher and has grown in strength!
Lets keep following Grouban's journey!
I always thing of Lord of The Rings when I run on these stairs. Looks kinda like it, right?
Now Groubans journey has taken him to the desert. What adventures might lie ahead?
Now me and Wardragon has 2 new friends to help ous fight evil! Say hello to Gass and joka317!

But Joka left, now it's three vs Evil! And our follower the Enchantress ofc. Gass is helping me and Wardragon, but I do not trust him yet like I trust Wardragon. I mean, listen to the names; Wardragon is so much cooler! But Gass is good company when Wardragon takes too much time in the city..

The desert is big, the fights are many. But our currage is strong!
We grow stronger together!

Wardragon left.. the emptiness is total.. I do hade three other companions, but no one can compare to Wardragon..

The fights continue, but it's not the same without Wardragon..
I'm leaving my current quest in hope to find Wardragon and continue my journey with him/her.

To my horror, I find that Wardragon is Offline. What does this mean?? Is he of-the-line, like CoCo? Did he go mad from all the fighting? Or maybe he is off the line, like finding himself and not doing quest at this moment. Will I ever find out what this Offline means? It seem like there are many Offline people in my list. Maybe I shall try this Offline thing sometime.. some day..


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