Groubans adventures continues

Grouban continues to fight evil, this time he has two weak followers - The Templar and Leah. No strong nephalem to accompany him yet.

Grouban run through a dark land that is facinating, but deadly. Not only the monsters can harm you, but the flowers as well!

Groubans journey leads him into sandy dungeon with skeletons and creepy monsters. You see what Grouban seek to the left. It's the head of Zolton Kulle (pronounced Zoltoon coool), witch Grouban put in his invisible bag and went back to town where Leah brought him back to life!
Grouban has turned all his clothing white, though they're beginning to be pretty damn old and worn out. But Grouban is cheap and chooses to die before buying new ones. But in time he will grow tired of dying, and buy some new. In time.

Now it's time to try this Offline thing and Eat some food!

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Svar: Yes indeed!!

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